Legacy Advantage

As strategic advisors for over twenty years, we realize the challenge and expense related to acquiring quality market analytics to support strategic decision-making. We hear repeatedly from our clients how frustrating and costly it is to get timely and accurate market information. We understand, and our response was to create a custom market analytic tool to solve this problem. For years we have exceeded our clients’ expectation for market intelligence by using the internal tool that we created. The response has been so positive that we have chosen to make this tool available to all healthcare organizations in the Florida market. Now, Legacy Consulting Group is pleased to announce Legacy Advantage, your market intelligence solution.

Just like you, we need on-demand access to affordable and accurate market data. Legacy Advantage delivers that but goes even further by transforming the data into usable market intelligence. We invite you to view our brief introductory video and learn more about Legacy Advantage.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation, custom demonstration. If you would like a complementary market analysis report and a no-obligation demonstration of this powerful new tool, please complete the form below or feel free to contact Roy Brady at 404-847-0100.
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