Kathryn Gillette

As a Principal with LEGACY CONSULTING GROUP, Ms. Gillette has thirty years of experience with hospitals and healthcare systems in the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer roles. With experience in both finance and operations, she has the innate ability to comprehensively understand all aspects of operations and ensure that strategic plans address all elements for a successful initiative. Her expertise throughout her career has been in strategic planning, medical staff engagement and planning, and product line development and expansion. Ms. Gillette has vast experience in working with boards, outside consultants, internal management, and government entities.

Immediately prior to joining LEGACY, she was the Market President and Chief Executive Officer of a 390-bed, not-for-profit, 100-year-old academic medical center in the process of transitioning to a for-profit, joint venture hospital in need of a major turnaround. Volume strategies, outpatient initiatives, cost-cutting, and subsidy reduction plans all needed to be assessed and initiated quickly. Community relations needed to be reassured that this long-standing institution was in good hands for future development. Medical staff relations needed to be stabilized and physician leadership engagement encouraged. Staffing, both clinical and non-clinical, needed to be reassured, yet reduced. Ms. Gillette often described the assignment as “walking on the edge of a razor blade” in attempting to satisfy all constituents. After less than two years, a negative bottom line was reversed with surprising and unexpectedly high results.

Ms. Gillette holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of West Florida and a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) from the University of South Florida. She currently holds the position of Adjunct Faculty at both USF St. Petersburg where she teaches Healthcare Administration to undergraduate students. She also co-taught a graduate capstone course at USF College of Public Health for Master of Healthcare Administration students. She is the founder of Physician Placement Concierge, a boutique firm representing physicians in their job search ensuring their individual goals are met and working as the “agent” for her physician partners on their search.


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